Discover Yourself & Make a Difference in Your Generation

There is a cry from the global community for change and true leadership.They are looking for nonconforming leaders that can answer the difficult problems that humanity created. The School of Influence for Agents of Change™ was created to teach the process and standard required for leadership development.

Created by Trista Sue Kragh, the author of Figure It Out, The School of Influence for Agents of Change™ was designed to teach you how to take control of your life, your environment, and initiate the change you want to see in society. The program consists of a series of on-demand video-learning eCourses specifically created to guide you through three strategic levels: Success, Significance, and Legacy.

These courses will help you discover your true identity, pinpoint your purpose, and document your life vision. This will create a road map to guide you toward your God-given destiny and help you become an influencer for the Kingdom of God and a true agent of change.

Take control of your life and your environment. Begin the journey of self discovery and positively influence your family, community, and nation.

If you’re ready to live a successful and significant life, the School of Influence program will help you take the first step.


Meet Your Instructor

Trista Sue Kragh is a wife, mother, hotelier, author and intentional leadership trainer. She operates the Bayfront Inn in Naples, Florida, utilizing her twenty years of hotel experience as an international business and leadership speaker. She teaches time-tested principles proven to be successful even through the recession and her involvement in launching her husband’s architecture firm during this same time period. She recently opened her own office with the focus to expand the mentorship and leadership training with the vision of:

“Leading to transform culture and influence change through intentional leadership training.”

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Course Library

Level 1: Discovery of True Success

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Level 2: Principles of True Success

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