Course 3: Power and Process of Vision

Instructor:  Trista Sue Kragh
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About the Course

Course 3: Power and Process of Vision

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This course will help you discover, in a practical manner, how to make your dreams a living reality. You will go through an eight step process, where you’ll document your vision and create a road map for your life. I will be instructing you in the seven requirements of vision, as well as, the cost and process of preparing for it.

Once you finish the course, you’ll understand the principles of vision. Additionally, you’ll understand the practical tools and skills necessary to bring your vision into reality. Writing your vision will require you to take a lot of time to think and reflect on your life. You’ll need to dig deep to discover what you truly want to accomplish according to your purpose.

In each unit you’ll complete several reflection and homework questions. As you answer these questions, I encourage you to take time out of your busy schedule to be alone with God and your thoughts. You will get out of this exercise what you put in it, so be sure to commit your time and thoughts into this process.

God has a purpose for you. He gave you the power to create a plan, so you can fulfill your purpose. It’s up to you to follow through with that plan, and fulfill your purpose. Ultimately, your future is up to you.

Required Reading


The reading requirement for this course is The School of Influence Workbook and The Principles and Power of Vision by Dr. Myles Munroe. The School of Influence Workbook was developed to accompany your studies throughout the School of Influence on-line course. A downloadable copy of the Workbook is available within the Welcome Unit of this course. If you would prefer a printed copy, click on the image to the left purchase your copy today.


You can begin reading The Principles and Power of Vision at any time during the course. You can purchase the book by clicking on the image to the left.

Portions of this content were derived from the The Principles and Power of Vision book and the teachings of Dr. Myles Munroe.


Trista Sue Kragh
Trista Sue Kragh
Trista Sue Kragh is a wife, mother, hotelier, author and intentional leadership trainer. Trista Sue operates the Bayfront Inn in Naples, Florida, utilizing her twenty years of hotel experience as an international business and leadership speaker. Her vision is: “Leading to transform culture and influence change through intentional leadership training.”