Course 1: The Identity Issue


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Before you can even begin to discover your purpose, start a business or become successful, you must first have a revelation of who you are. Knowing your Source and true identity is the foundation of life and starting point for discovering ones true potential and ultimate destiny.  Most of us have been educated in settling for finding a ‘good job’ just to pay the bills and therefore were rarely nurtured or educated in the process of discovering oneself first. My goal in this course is to give you the tools to remove the blinders, false beliefs and mentality you have cultivated over the years and to unleash the  true understanding and power of who you really are. This is the fundamental step required to tap into the leader that you were born to be and unleash the lion within. You have the capacity to lead, but you need the mentality for it. Welcome to the beginning of the transformation process of your thinking to becoming a true agent of change.

Required Reading

The School of Influence Workbook was developed to accompany your studies throughout the School of Influence on-line course. A downloadable copy of the Workbook is available within the Welcome Unit of this course. If you would prefer a printed copy, click on the image to the left to purchase the Level One Workbook today.

One of my favorite books, The Spirit of Leadership by my mentor, Dr Myles Munroe is required reading for Course One of Level One. The chapters of the book correlate to the content of this course, begin reading at chapter 1. You can purchase the book by clicking on the image to the left.Portions of this content were derived from The Spirit of Leadership book and the teachings of Dr. Myles Munroe.