LEVEL 2: Course 1: Keys to True Personal Success


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This course is unlike any other ‘success’ courses currently on the market. Rather than methods or ‘nuggets’ of success, I share time-tested principles that once activated, have success built into them. Key principles have been pinpointed in this course, to set the foundation for you to build your life vision on. Thru my personal journey I have discovered that the secret to true and lasting success is knowing and activating the principles of life established by the Creator.

Required Reading


There are three reading requirements for this course: The School of Influence Workbook-Level Two, Overcoming Crisis by Dr. Myles Munroe and Understanding Sonship by Hubert S. Hategekimana. The School of Influence Workbook was developed to accompany your studies through each unit. The Workbook is available as a download within the Welcome Unit of this course or you can purchase a printed version of the Level 2 Workbook on SchoolOfInfluence.com.

You can purchase Overcoming Crisis and Understanding Sonship by clicking on the images to the left. You can begin reading these books at any time during the course.

**Portions of the content of this course were derived from the books and teachings of Dr. Myles Munroe.