It's time to invest in your dreams! This online course gives you the tools and skills necessary to help you realize your passion and live it out in a practical way. 

We teach you to document your vision and create a road map for your life! 

"I recognized areas of my life that need correction so that I can become the leader I know is inside of me. As I learned, I felt like I was being set free! I really like the program and would recommend it to everyone regardless of who you are and where you are at in your life. Now I can get down to business!"

- Ellen F.


"I am very grateful for the discovery of truth and simplicity of it. As a continual student, this school of thought has made an impact in every aspect of my life. I have learned to live by principles of seeking my Creator first, live my purpose, be in right-standing and gain more while managing what has been given to me. The School of Influence for Agents of Change, where you are trained by the best, has given me the keys needed to be a true "Agent of Change".
- Rose Y.


About the Course
If you're ready to realize and live out the vision for your life, this course will help you take the first step.

"These courses are life changing! We have watched the teaching videos and WOW!!! We are amazed at the wealth of information packed into this program. Delighted and hungry for more."

- Mareisha & Dylan R.

Discover Your Life Vision and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
What do I get? 
  • A guide to help develop a personal plan and goal setting program
  • 100% Self-paced - Take this course anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Comment and ask questions in the Private Group Discussion
  • Exclusive video lectures featuring course instructor, Trista Sue Kragh
  • Private Student Workbook with reflection questions included! 


Vision is the driving force behind every invention, achievement, and advancement in history. This online course helps you  understand the principles of vision as well as the skills necessary to bring your vision to reality. In each unit you'll find written content, videos, infographics, and several reflection and homework questions to guide the way!

Find your purpose, document your vision, and live confidently in who you are!


In Figure it Out, Trista Sue Kragh shares the 7 key factors that fashioned her life along with her compelling life story of success. 


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Trista Sue Kragh is a mother, hotelier, author, and intentional leadership trainer. Trista Sue operates the Bayfront Inn in Naples, Florida, utilizing her twenty years of hotel experience as an international business and leadership speaker. She teaches time-tested principles proven to be successful even through the recession and her involvement in launching her husband's architecture firm during this same time period. She recently opened her own office with the focus to expand mentorship and leadership training with the vision of leading to transform culture and influence change through intentional leadership training. 
Meet the Course Instructor

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